William Rini’s Thanksgiving recipes and tips

Chef William Rini gives his Thanksgiving recipes and tips to make your dishes ones to remember.

Owner of A Taste of Excellence Catering, William Rini, gives his Thanksgiving recipes and tips.

Starting off with “Hanky Pankies,” which is browned sweet Italian sausage lightly mixed with chopped tomato and cream cheese in the pan and spread on bruschetta, and date-almond remake, which are dates stuffed with almonds and then wrapped with bacon and covered with honey and brown sugar, William gives two great appetizers to start Thanksgiving dinner.

Moving onto side dishes, William gives recipes for his favorite: sweet potatoes with a twist. Start by warming brown sugar in a pan with butter and pouring it over sweet potatoes in a casserole pan and then lightly covering with figs, rosemary and chalets. Cover with and bake.

Another great side dish is Brussel sprouts warmed in a pan with butter and olive oil for those who light to stay green during his or her feast.